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Show room in Moscow


Our Moscow show room is fitted up with great modern equipment for home cinema rooms and has all the necessary furniture and hardware for you to fully appraise the ultimate comfort of your would-be home cinema room.

You can enjoy watching your favourite movie with your friends or family as if you were at home in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

You can appraise the amazing visual performance and perfect sound as if this equipment were at your home. Our assistants are glad to help you and answer all your questions.

We deliver the best service and easy cooperation. Just leave a request and your personal manager will contact you. Visiting the show room is free and does not oblige you to anything.

Show room in Saint-Petersburg

A film show just for you

In our Saint-Petersburg show room you can appraise the comfort of watching films at your own cinema room. Designer furnishing and high class equipment of our show room bring you an experience of watching films at home.

Invite as many of your family members, friends or colleagues as you wish and spend the film show time as if you were at your personal cinema room. At our show room you can feel the atmosphere of home comfort.

During the film show you can appraise the highest performance and amazing sound of our home cinemas. Our assistants will answer all your questions. They can make suggestions on how to make your would-be home cinema room.

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