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1. Evaluating your space and your preferences

Building a personal cinema room begins with meeting at your facility. It is when the space is examined, your request is stated, the system functionality, design and interior are discussed.

2. Developing the concept

Having considered the space evaluation and all your preferences, we develop the concept of the future cinema room and its fine 3D visualization. This enables you to have a look at the cinema room from different angles and to make sure that it totally meets your requirements.

3. Designing

To implement the concept, we draw up the design documents. The drawings display equipment configuration, its exact location and cabling. We do the acoustic evaluation of the room, choose soundproofing and make the arrangement of structural elements.

4. Building activity

As indicated in the design, we soundproof the room, run the cable routes and install the structural elements for further assembling of the video and sound equipment.

5. Installing and setting up the equipment and furniture

After construction is over, we assemble, setup and program the video and sound equipment, install the screen, lighting and cinema seating.

6. Demonstrating capabilities and service instruction

You get the final result – a cinema of your dream, a system which operates ideally and considers all your preferences and the characteristics of your room.

About Atmosferoom .com

About Atmosferoom

The magic of cinema in your own home

A personal cinema room is a specially designed and equipped separate room in your home. The cinema hall is built taking into account all technical requirements for sound insulation, lighting, comfort of furniture and controls, sound and image quality, as well as your personal wishes and preferences.

Rich experience and a deep individual approach allow us to create unique home cinemas that will become a favorite place to spend time, give an unforgettable experience and bring a new level of pleasure!

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