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Personal cinema room in Alicante, Spain

  • Client: private individual
  • Location: Alicante, Spain
  • Space: 44 m2
Personal cinema room in Alicante, Spain


There is a basement in every private house in Alicante. However, it is against the law to use it for dwelling. So the client turned to us to design and built a home cinema in the basement with entertaining options from video games and karaoke to watching films in 4K format and 7.2 sound.

Personal cinema room in Alicante, Spain


The room did not meet technical requirements altogether. There was no wiring, high humidity, poor air exchange and thin borders.

Personal cinema room in Alicante, Spain


We started with moisture rejection. We unwatered and ventilated the foundation, set up the air exchange system. At the second stage we soundproofed the room so that neither the house dwellers nor the neighbours were not disturbed by the noise and vibration. After that we built extra walls, lay wiring and cabling, soundproofed the room, arranged flexible lighting with different scenarios.


It took Atmosferoom just two (!) weeks to turn a useless basement into the most visited and favourite place in the house – an entertaining room for parties, karaoke, video games and films! A wonderful lounge area! Come and visit us! I’d be glad!

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